It's True: Joe Buck Does Suck

It pains me more than you know. The Bears send out the game release, I pull it up and there it is: TV Broadcast | Joe Buck, Play-by-Play ... and so on. I send out the tweet, and Bears nation breathes a collective, "What the $#!@?!" Yes indeed, Joe Buck will once again call the Bears Packers game this weekend. And I know how much that pains you all.

So, I decided to try and lift your spirits! Remember back in 2009 when Artie Lange appeared on the Joe Buck show and ... well, maybe you should just watch. Uh, without your kids in the room ... Start at about the 1:20 mark!

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  • Hilarious! I totally remember that. Actually don't remember him going hard on Tony Romo like that! At this current point of state in the NFL announcer world I don't know who is the bigger douche, Todd Collinsworth or Joe Buck. Im going to stick with my original in Collinsworth but Buck sure does give him a run for his money..

  • You mean Chris Collinsworth? I'm a fan of Collinsworth! There's no contest between him and Buck. Not even close, IMO.

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