Jay Cutler Organizing Offensive Workouts


According to ESPNChicago.com, Bears' quarterback Jay Cutler organized team workouts with a select group of skilled offensive players on Tuesday.

According to reports, the group was comprised of eight or so of those position-type guys. Narrow things down, and that's the about the exact number of skilled offensive starters/veterans (including Caleb Hanie) on the Bears roster:

1. Jay Cutler, QB
2. Caleb Hanie, QB
3. Matt Forte, RB
4. Rashied Davis, WR
5. Johnny Knox, WR
6. Devin Hester, WR
7. Earl Bennett, WR
8. Greg Olsen, TE

A few days ago, Cutler had told the Chicago Tribune that workouts were "locked and loaded" and just around the corner.

There is no official word on exactly who was there but Hanie, Cutler and Davis all had recently admitted to being involved in the planning process. The group did practice passing and route running, ESPN said.

The players join a number of other NFL units organizing similar workouts throughout the league.

With the players currently being lockout out of their facilities, finding a location to conduct such practices has been a small chore. Many have been conducting private workouts out-of-state, while other are sticking closer to Halas Hall.

We don't know for sure where the Bears players held their get-together this morning but after a little digging and asking around, two probable locations are TCBOOST in Northbrook and Warehouse Gym in Skokie.

Both facilities are located within 15 minutes of Halas Hall and are home to quite a few Chicago Bears. While neither location has a regulation football field, TCBOOST has a 33-yard turf agility area while Warehouse Gym houses a rentable indoor soccer field. Both, suitable for simple route work.

It may be nothing more than a quick "toss-the-ball-around." Who knows, maybe they even pulled out the Martz playbook ... but either way, it's nice to know they're taking the initiative.

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