Report: Mike Martz Turns Down Contract Extension


Yesterday, we told you that the Sun Times had reported Bears' special teams coordinator Dave Toub had turned down a contract extension offer from the team, which included a minimal salary increase.

Today, the Sun Times is reporting that Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz has also turned down a recent offer from the team.

According to the report, Martz's offer included a zero increase.

Martz's current deal runs through 2011. And as it stands today, both him a Dave Toub will be free agents in 2012.

While I take a bigger issue with the idea of the Bears allowing Toub to walk, it's also time to consider some solidarity for the Bears offense, particularly Jay Cutler.

The Bears would do well to counter both coaches with worth-while extensions through 2013, putting them on the same timeline as head coach Lovie Smith and GM Jerry Angelo.

I'm not suggesting to you that Martz is going to have a lot of leverage in any kind of deal. After all, he was out of a job when the Bears picked him up in the first place. But, the Bears do have a reputation for being stingy with their coaches, and it just may come back to haunt them in 2012...


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  • Adam,

    Not suprising, did it to Ron Rivera after the D took them to the SB. Losing Toub would be worse but both is going to be painful.


  • Agree. Thanks for the comment!

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