Bears' Second Round Pick Stephen Paea Already Setting Records


The Bears were all set to pick at No. 62, in the second round of the draft, when Angelo traded up with the Washington Redskins to obtain the 53rd pick and get his guy, Stephen Paea.

Surprising that Angelo found a team willing to deal with him after the Baltimore fiasco ... but I digress.

The Bears sent their fourth round pick, along with their 62nd overall, to the Redskins in order to seal the deal. Maybe Angelo was concerned if he didn't get rid of that fourth-rounder that the league would make him give it to Baltimore after the ... sorry, once again I digress.

Boasting a 600-pound squat, 500-pound bench press and the ability to press 44 repetitions of 225 pounds, Paea is a freak of nature. Plain and simple. Stephen's rep total on the bench, was a combine record.

Here's everything you need to know about the newest defensive tackle on the Bears roster:

Position: Defensive tackle

College: Oregon State

Height/weight: 6'1", 295

Career Highlights: All-Pac-10 defensive of the Year; 2x Morris Conference Trophy; All American; All-Pac-10 selection

What the analysts think: Paea is one of the strongest defensive tackles in the draft, period. He's not agile enough to get constant pressure on the quarterback, but he will tie up the middle easily at the NFL level. He's quick up the middle and is a natural run-stopper.

What I think: This is the second very nice pick the bears have made in this draft. And, wouldn't ya know it, it's WAS their second pick. I like what Paea brings to this team a lot. Thanks to his squatty build and insane strength, the leverage he'll have over opposing offensive lines will, at times, be dominant. There could be some concern over a recent knee issue, but we won't go there just yet.

Pick grade: A

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  • Given that the league didn't force Baltimore to give any compensation to Minnesota when they did the same thing a few years back, I doubt anyone in their right mind--outside of Baltimore, that is--really thought that there was any chance the league would take the Bears 4th-round pick. So I doubt JA was trying to deal the pick just so the league wouldn't take it.

    Stop harping on the busted trade. Yes, it was stupid and unprofessional on the Bears' part. But it's not the first time something like this has happened, and it won't be the last.

  • In reply to IBNO:

    Relax, it was just a joke.

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