The 2011 NFL Offseason: One For the Ages


From Adrian Peterson saying that the NFL is akin to modern day slavery, to the Bears making season ticket holders pay up earlier than usual, this offseason is certainly one for the ages. Not to mention all of the ridiculous rule changes that have thus far been proposed...

Growing up, we were taught in school that the slaves of old were treated poorly; they worked hard for little or no wage; in many cases, it was no more than a roof over their heads; in most cases, they had no other choice. But apparently, in 2011 they make millions of dollars. Anyone know where I can sign up for that job?!
Adrian Peterson's exact quote? "It's modern-day slavery, you know?" Really Adrian?! I think you might care to revisit your choice of words. You sir, are a first-class clown. Since when have you been treated like a slave? Your lack of knowledge and ability to think before you speak is all to apparent. How about this; instead of getting another speeding ticket in your $250K car, why don't you just drive it off a cliff? Please, save the Players Association the embarrassment, will ya?
The current lockout situation is ridiculous. The players union is full of overpaid babies that complain when they make 5 million instead of 5.5. While the other side of things is a group of overly greedy owners, who would sell your identity, if they could, just to get a few extra bucks. They don't care about the fans, and they never will.
Now, onto a more relevant part of this whole issue regarding Bears season ticket holders. It's no secret that the McCaskeys have screwed the Bears fans over for years, and 2011 is no different. The Bears are now requiring season ticket holders to pay up front earlier than usual. That's absolutely ridiculous. Way to take advantage of your extremely loyal fans, Virginia and company. Can you guys please just sell the team?
Have you paid attention to the new rules, just recently purposed? If the these
new rules go through, football as we know it would cease to exist.
The NFL wants to move the kickoff spot to the 35 yard line. Currently, they are set at the 30. Moving the kickoff five yards further would eliminate many return opportunities and more touchbacks would likely take place. For a team like the Chicago Bears, that nearly eliminates - arguably - the best aspect of its team. Around the League, more and more teams are investing money in great return-men. For instance, Leon Washington recently got a huge deal, just to return kicks. What does that do for the Seattle Seahawks if this rule were to go through?
They also want to stop players from leaving their feet when tackling. Last time I checked, its kind of hard to tackle anyone if your not allowed to leave your feet.
Now for the real kicker in this situation. If this next rule change goes through, NFL quarterbacks won't be allowed to be hit while throwing. If that's the case, than what is the point of even having a defensive line? If that happens, Julius Peppers should just retire and Brett Favre should come out of retirement....again. If I'm a quarterback about to be sacked, I'll just pump fake and take the penalty yards.
While there is a lot of uncertainty about these new rules and what the NFL meant in their press release, it does appear that if the owners get their way, football as we know it is over.
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