Johnny Knox Lands First Endorsement Deal


Back in January of 2011, Avitae, Inc., creator of a new caffeinated drinking water, tweeted this on their company's twitter page: "Some HUGE new additions to the avitae family! We can't wait to spill the beans...Watch out, she's gonna blow!" Moments later, the top blew. "HINT...Good luck to #13, Chicago WR, Johnny Knox today!"

It was learned, after Knox changed his current twitter avatar to a photo of him drinking the product in question, that he was indeed a company sponsor. According to the Chicago Tribune, Knox received a four-figure signing bonus as part of the deal. We've been unable to confirm the total amount of the endorsement at this time.

Knox is a part of an endorsement team Avitae affectionately refers to as the A-Team, along with Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Rey Maualuga.

Knox, who had 51 receptions for 960 yards and five touchdowns in 2010, had this to say about the product: "I'm kind of excited about this drink; I hope it jumps out at the world."

Avitae has nicknamed the Bears receiver Johnny "Ace" Knox.

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