Titans Interested in Tice: Bears Need to "Just Say No"


The Chicago Sun-Times reported Sunday that the Tennessee Titans could be interested in interviewing Bears' offensive line coach Mike Tice for their offensive coordinator position.

Tice was sure to draw attention after the job he did with the Bears in 2010. After a rough start, Tice's offensive line was vastly improved following the Bears' bye week.

Traditionally, Lovie Smith has been supportive of coaches seeking to explore advancement opportunities. So, what makes this situation any different?

The Bears simply cannot afford to lose Tice amidst all the uncertainty surrounding the 2011 NFL season.

Teams throughout the league with new coaches may not have the ability to work with their players this off-season during ongoing CBA discussions.

Simply put, the Bears don't need to be on that end of the stick.

They can't afford another season with the worst offensive line in the NFL.

Sources within the organization have said their biggest goal this off-season is executing a plan to protect their franchise quarterback.

There is a lot of work to do in order to accomplish that and, at this point, continuity is king.

The other issue surrounding this is that even if the Bears did allow Tice to go - assuming he wanted/was offered the job in Tennessee - they would have a difficult time finding a suitable replacement on such short notice.

Tice is under contract through 2011, so the Bears need to do nothing else than simply hold him to his deal.

The Titans were already denied permission to speak with Jets assistant head coach Bill Callahan on Thursday.

The Bears need to bite the bullet on this one and NOT shoot themselves in the foot.

Give Tice a bonus or something, but just say NO.

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