Tommie Harris: The Real Deal or Just a Mirage?


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For a few plays during Sunday's Divisional round playoff game, Tommie Harris made us remember what he used to be. He used to be the guy who would take one quick step and sack the quarterback. He made it look easy. While he easily had his best game in the last few years vs. the Seahawks, are we seeing a Harris resurgence or just a freak occurrence?

There's no question that Tommie Harris was once the most devastating defensive tackle in professional football. But after suffering a serious knee injury, he has become a shell of his former self. Harris now has three sacks in his last two games; recording two against Seattle last Sunday.
When DE Julius Peppers was signed by the Bears, fans immediately hoped they would see the return of the old Tommie Harris; assuming the attention Peppers was sure to garner, would free up Harris to make a play. That couldn't have been further from what we actually saw. His play on the field was nothing short of pedestrian. Harris finished the regular season with 1.5 sacks, recording his only full sack in week 17 against Green Bay.
Tommie was not a part of the playoff run in 2006 due to an injured hamstring that ultimately ended his season. It could be that Harris is trying to take full advantage of the opportunity he has in front of him and to help his team win a Super Bowl. Especially considering there's no guarantee he'll get another chance to get this close ever again.
If Harris' recent performance is any sign of what kind of player he will be moving forward, it will greatly improve a defensive line looking to disrupt a hot Packers' offense. Harris was once the guy who would get double and triple teamed constantly.
Hopefully, the player who was called "A blind dog in a meat-house," by Warren Sapp, can prove that his recent two sack performance wasn't just a fluke. "Number 91, its time to go to work and eliminate the moldy stench coming down from the gutter to the north."


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  • he would have to have two more big games in this postseason for me to want him back... while the last two weeks were nice, I think its too little too late...

  • In reply to kyletrompeter:

    not too crazy if he were to come up big in this coming game. not looking towards the future, just for the short term.

  • In reply to Nerrad:

    ok idk where "not to crazy" came from. actually i dont know what the heck I even said!?!?

    Im not thinking he can be anything like he used to be. but lets hope that he can just contribute sunday and help this defense out.

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