NFL Playoff Picture: Who's Next for the Bears?

It's bittersweet really; the 2010 NFL regular season has come to an end. Football fans across America are preparing for the playoff run and the hunt for Super Bowl 45. Whether your team is already focusing on the 2011 draft or you have a horse in the race, as Bears' fans do, it's sure to make for an exciting run at crowning a champion.

With the Wild Card round of the playoff picture set, Bears' fans are wondering, "Who's next for the Mosters of the Midway?" The Chicago Bears, having locked up the No. 2 seed in the NFC, do receive a first round bye but will have to play the highest-seeded team that comes out of the Wild Card round. Having also won their division, the Bears will host that team at Soldier Field on Sunday, January 16, at noon.

The NFC Wild Card round will be as follows: Seattle will host New Orleans on Saturday, January 8, 3:30 PM CT. Likewise, Philadelphia will host Green Bay on Sunday, January 9, 3:30 PM CT. The only team the Bears cannot play in that second round would be the Green Bay Packers. The order of seeding among the remaining teams would be: Eagles, Seahawks and Saints.

Many believe the Saints will have no trouble beating the Seahawks, a below .500 team, on the road in Qwest Field. On the other hand, the Packers seem to be the favorite over the Eagles. Given that scenario, the Bears would end up playing the Saints. Should the Eagles beat Green Bay however, the Bears would host the Eagles no matter what the outcome is in Seattle. Should the Seahawks upset the Saints and the Packers beat the Eagles, the Bears would host the Seahawks in Soldier Field.

Either way, the Bears will have the luxury of watching their next opponent play this week as they rest-up for round two. Brace yourselves Bears fans; your team is either 1 loss away from a long vacation or two wins away from going back to the Super Bowl...


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  • gimme the eagles again. andy reid has been messing them up lately. i'm just happy the bears are in the damn playoffs and i have something to root for in january besides pretending to care about what the bulls and hawks do during the yawn of the regular season.

  • In reply to dubsdread18:

    Ummm... I'll take the Seahawks. While I'm aware it's about the matchups, my superstitious side doesn't like the idea of playing the a team we already beat once; The odds scare me. The Seahawks, below .500, are a joke. Let's hope the Saints find a way to lose that one and Green Bay takes care of the Eagles:)

  • It's very hard to feel all warm and fuzzy when our "franchise QB" plays a game like he did Sun. against our oldest division rival. The 11-5 record is great and all, but this is the playoffs now. 11-5 is now 0-0 and we're still marching a QB on the field with some head issues. I have nothing against Cutler. He's tough and durable, but, tough won't get it done. Let's send the guy to a shrink this off season. I applaud Lovie Smith for not pulling in the reigns Sunday. He gets my props.

  • In reply to winstonchill29:

    I understand the concern but Cutler was sacked 6 times yesterday, in a meaningless game no less. Some of the sacks he could have avaoided, no doubt about it. But when your QB throws 6 TDs in his last 2 meaningful games, I'd caution you to put too much emphasis on the 1 meaningless game. I suppose we'll see...

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    Adam, I don't believe in meaningless games. The NFL like all professional sports is in the entertainment business. The teams have an obligation to put the best product on the field, every week, regardless. Integrity of the game is a big deal. I look at being in the Giants shoes. I'm sure they felt better about their chances with the Bears playing the people that got them to 11-5 as opposed to marching Caleb Hanie behind center against the Packers.

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    Semantics my friend. The point is that when you

  • In reply to winstonchill29:

    I hear you! I see both sides for sure. I think my heart is pouring out of me more on this one being I'm Wisconsin born and raised and as anti-Packer as Mike Ditka is! I would for sure feel much better knowing they didn't throw everything at the Packers at this point. You're right, only time will tell. If Jay Cutler is ever going to be that franchise QB that we're all counting on, this would be a great time to convince us! Bear Down my friend!!!

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