Jay Cutler's a Jerk? Get Over It Rick Reilly!

ESPN's Rick Reilly published a joke of an article this week regarding Jay Cutler's attitude. Saying, "Jay Cutler is no teddy bear." Why do "analysts," and fans for that matter, care about how Jay Cutler talks to the media? Get over it and stop complaining already. The only thing anyone should be concerned with is winning.
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"Screw you Rick Reilly!"

Sure, Cutler doesn't always appear to be the nicest guy in the world, or some "rah-rah" leader on the field. But as fans, who really cares? For the first time in 50 years, the Bears have themselves a "franchise" quarterback. In Jay's second year here in Chicago, in a second system by the way, the Bears find themselves back in the playoffs.

When Rex Grossman was in Chicago, he spoke without a filter and was probably one of the best guys to get information from. For example, after a New Year's Eve loss in 2006 Rex Grossman basically said that he was looking forward to the night's holiday activities rather than playing the game. But, a lot of Bears' fans hated the guy with a passion; many saying he was too open and honest.

Now, the Bears have a guy who gives short, one-word, answers and he's just as hated by some. Is Jay Cutler a jerk? Yeah, maybe. But how do people who write about him really know? Greg Olsen said it best, "It's funny to me how people form an opinion of a guy who've never even met him." Cutler does a lot of charitable work; visiting sick and terminal children on a regular basis. Not to mention his work for the Juvenile Diabetes Association. He's certainly not a bad guy.

If one thing is evident it's that Jay Cutler doesn't care what anyone thinks about him. People love Jimmy Mac, who was the first "Punky QB." As fans, I must ask you something: If Jay Cutler goes out and wins a Super Bowl this season, will the fans who don't care for his attitude shut their mouths and embrace the Bears QB? I think so.

In the spirit of the NFL Sunday Countdown crew, to Rick Reilly and the jokers who blast Cutler for his attitude, I give you one big C'MON MAN?! That was not the time nor the place to ask Cutler those ridiculous questions. If you want to find out who Cutler really is, do it in a more professional matter.



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  • Nice job Darren. I'd also point out that all the examples in Reilly's story came from Jay's Denver days. If you mean to tell me it's a real story that a 22-year old kid with millions of dollars can be a punk from time-to-time... you've won the captain obvious of the year award.

    Aside from Reilly's old examples, he was entirely one-sided. Would have been nice for him to mention Jay's charitable work. Not going to do that though, what with him being a jaded Broncos fan to begin with.

    P.S. - When you walk into town and EVERYONE knows you're doing a story about how Jay is a jerk, he's probably not going to kiss your a$$ come presser-time in the media room. Just for future reference. Although, Reilly knew that. It's why he came.

  • Well said Darren.

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