It's Not Aaron Rodgers the Bears Should be Worried About


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If the thought of facing Packers' quarterback Aaron Rodgers in the postseason doesn't make you a little bit nervous, you're not paying attention.

The naysayer will pose the question, "What has Rodgers ever won?!" Well, nothing really. But in just three postseason games, Aaron Rodgers is 2-1.

Even more impressive may be the fact that in those three playoff games, Rodgers has thrown 10 touchdown passes and just one interception.

News flash boys and girls, there's a reason the national media loves to gush over this guy; he's a very good, very clutch, quarterback.

But, perhaps Aaron Rodgers is not who the Bears should concern themselves with this week. After all, they've had more success at stopping the Packers' QB than most.

In two meetings vs. the Packers this season, the Bears have nearly doubled Rodgers' average interception numbers, while cutting his average touchdown numbers in half.

Throwing an average of two TD passes per game this season, Rodgers had just one in each game vs. the Bears.

Throwing an average of 0.69 interceptions per game this season, Rodgers has one in each game vs. the Bears.

Rodgers and the Packers offense averaged 27 points per game against every other team in the NFL this season, but just 13.5 points per game vs. the Bears.

"We made him move his feet [and] throw the ball quick," Bears' LB Lance Briggs said of the Packers' QB. Briggs had a team-high 21 tackles in two games vs. the Packers this season.

So if it's not Rodgers that the Bears should be worried about, who is it?

How about the entire Packers' defense.

Green Bay's corners are likely the best in the league at bump-and-run coverage. They shut-down wide receivers and kill opposing pas offense.

The Packers' defense held the Bears' offense to nearly 50 total yards below their per-game average vs. all other opponents.

If the Bears are looking for a trip to Dallas, the focus of their game-planning must be on beating Green Bay's defense, not their star quarterback.


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