Chicago Bears Huddle "Road to Dallas" Divisional Round Playoff Picks

Week two, the Divisional round! Finally, Bears fans get to see if this team can make some noise in the playoffs. Each week, Managing Editor Adam Oestmann (1-3), Featured Columnist Darren Doxey (3-1) and our reader contestant Ryan Gravlee (3-1) will go head-to-head, picking the winners out of each round of the NFL playoffs. Here goes nothing...

AFC Divisional Round

Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers






While the Steelers have had a tough time protecting Ben Rothlisberger, the Ravens have struggled to get consistent pressure. Overall, the Ravens likely have the edge offensively. While the Steelers, looking like Troy Polamalu with be a-go, may have a slight edge defensively. This will no doubt be a blood bath between these two division opponents.

Adam's pick: Steelers
Darren's pick: Steelers
Ryan's pick: Ravens

New York Jets at New England Patriots






The high flying offense of the New England Patriots, meets the hard-nosed defense of the New York Jets. Does anyone really think the Jets even have a chance in this game? The Jets do. And they will have a lot of trash-talking to back up this weekend. While Rex Ryan says this match-up comes down to him and Belichick, Coach Bill says he'll focus on HIS team and what they need to do to win.

Adam's pick: Patriots
Darren's pick: Patriots
Ryan's pick: Patriots

NFC Divisional Round

Green Bay Packers at Atlanta Falcons






Talk about a tough game to pick. The one thing that's for sure is no one should discount the Falcons simply because they didn't play last week. They have been a consistent team all season long; that's not likely to simply disappear vs. the Packers. But, the Packers could be the hottest team in the NFL right now, particularly on defense. They're not going to make this another slam-dunk home win for Matt Ryan.

Adam's pick: Falcons
Darren's pick: Packers
Ryan's pick: Packers

Seattle Seahawks at Chicago Bears






The Seahawks already beat the Bears once this season. Having just knocked off the defending champions, scoring 41 points, the Seahawks look to be riding the right combination of energy and effort. But in week six, the Seahawks were playing the Bears coming off a bye week. This time it's the Bears who have the bye. Not to mention a clear defensive edge.

Adam's pick: Bears
Darren's pick: Bears
Ryan's pick: Bears

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