Brett Favre's Sister Arrested in Meth Raid (Mug-Shot)

Normally, my better judgment would get the best of me and I would never post such an article. But, this time around I felt slightly different...

It's hard to imagine going from where we... better yet, Brett Favre was just one year ago, to where he and his family are today.

In the span of one short year, NFL quarterback Brett Favre has gone from a feel-good story about a guy who "just wanted to play football," and coming back again to nearly win it all in an unprecedented season, to now being the center of tabloid journalism.

No, the stories about Brett Favre's infidelity are nothing new, but they were taken to new heights this year. What with all the fancy technology they're putting in mobile phones these days...

But, just when you thought the Favre name might just fizzle out, at least for a few years, a story breaks regarding Brett Favre's younger sister, Brandi Favre.


Arresting mug shot

Brandi Favre, 34, was reportedly charged with manufacturing of methamphetamine and generation of hazardous waste, in Diamondhead Miss on Wednesday morning.

Undercover officers reportedly made a purchase from two suspects at a nearby gas station, which led to the arrest.

Favre, along with four others, were taken to the Hancock County Barn for decontamination, which included showers and the replacement of their clothes.

Following decontamination, they were booked and will be held pending initial appearances in Court at 9 AM Thursday.

It's apparently not the first time Brandi's had a run-in with the law. She's rumored to have been arrested for shoplifting and unlawful use of a weapon.

She faces jail time if convicted.

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  • I've been waiting to see a photo of her. Put some stubble and a skull cap on her and she's Brett.

  • No kidding! Inbreeding and, well... meth will do that to ya.

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