An Improbable Season With An Improbable Finale


Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

In many ways, this game is the finale. By Sunday afternoon, either the Green Bay Packers or the Chicago Bears will be Conference champions.

The "Road to Dallas" will have been paved.

The chance to win it all will be so close, the players will almost be able to taste it.

For players in the NFL, a conference championship is nothing more than an invitation to play in the greatest sporting event on the planet.

But, it's all too easy to forget where it is you came from.

The Bears?

They come from three seasons of missing the playoffs.

Three seasons with a .500 record.

A quarterback in his third system in as many years.

An average secondary.

An average wide receiving core.

Statistically, the worst offensive line in the National Football League.

A winless preseason.

Yet here they are. An 11-5 regular season, followed by a win in their first postseason game.

And now, they look to an even more improbable match-up against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday.

Despite the fact that these two teams have met more than any other two teams in the NFL (181), they have only met in the postseason once.

The Bears hosted the Packers at Wrigley Field in 1941, defeating Green Bay 33-14.

The Bears went on to win the NFL Championship that year.

This storied rivalry has reached its peak. The pinnacle if you will. There has never been, nor could there ever be a bigger game played between these two teams.

Likewise, there has never been a bigger sporting event than this will be ever played in the city of Chicago.

Should the Bears win, it would only be fitting for an improbable season to have an improbable finish with the Bears ultimately hoisting the Lombardi Trophy.

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