Where's Greg Olsen?


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The minute Mike Martz was hired as the Bears' offensive coordinator, talk about what would become of Greg Olsen started to take place. Martz hasn't exactly been know to feature the tight end as an offensive weapon. But, despite what you may think, Olsen was being used quite frequently under Martz until just the past few weeks.

Through eight of the Bears' nine wins, started by QB Jay Cutler, Olsen has 22 catches, for 254 yards and five touchdowns. Through the Bears' four losses on the season, Olsen has nine receptions, 88 yards and zero touchdowns.

Outside of catching a touchdown against Philadelphia, Greg Olsen has almost been a non-factor over the past three weeks. As Mike Martz and the Bears attempt to get things rolling, hopefully heading into the playoffs, they have to get Olsen back into the mix. With his speed and size, Olsen is a mismatch for any defense's linebackers and safeties.
Since Jay Cutler arrived in Chicago, Olsen has looked to be his favorite target (outside of Deangelo Hall). Looking solely at the stats above, it would seem as if the Bears play better when Olsen plays an active role in the passing game. Granted, the Bears won two of their last three, and Olsen only had two receptions through those games. Chicago's offense averages 21 points when Olsen is active (catching passes or scoring touchdowns), and 17 points when he's not. Now that's not a huge difference, but it is another possession-score, on average, with the tight end involved.
Olsen's absence in the passing game, has led - in part - to wide receiver Earl Bennett stepping up and being Cutler's go-to guy. He's recorded 14 catches, for 213 yards and two touchdowns, in the last three games. It's time that Mike Martz also remember how to use a very good pass-catching tight end again.
Depending on the weather Monday night, this might be the perfect game to get Olsen re-integrated. Last time the Bears played the Vikings, Olsen had three receptions and one touchdown. If the Bears are going to make a serious playoff run, Olsen must play a pivotal role in the Mike Martz offense.
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