Rewind: So, Why Did Tommie Harris Leave Twitter and Facebook?

Originially posted by Chicago Bears Huddle December, 2010:

If you've been keeping tabs on your Bears players via social networking, you may have noticed that Chicago Bears' defensive tackle Tommie Harris hasn't been very active. That's because, by all accounts, Harris has terminated both his Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Before I go any further, let me stop you before you start in on me with the, "who gives a ___!" I'm not exactly presenting this to you as breaking news here. But, earlier this week, I stumbled across the video above, originally posted by Angel Jerez, Producer of The John Hannah Morning Show on 1390AM, and host of Youth For Christ Radio. I simply thought the video may be telling of an understandably frustrated Tommie Harris.

A former 3-time Pro Bowler, and once revered as one of the scariest defensive tackles in the NFL, Tommie Harris was a master of the 3-technique. From 2006 to 2008, Harris recorded an average of 6 sacks per season, while only playing about 77% of the time due to injury. Harris recorded respectable tackling and tackle-for-loss numbers during his rise in the NFL.

But, seemingly out of nowhere, Harris' career took a turn for the worse, and he simply stopped producing. It's no secret that the lack of production was the direct result of a lingering knee injury Harris couldn't seem to shake. Let's face it, he didn't simply forget how to play the position. Some have speculated that Harris may suffer from a degenerative knee, which if true, would suggest that he may never be back playing to his full potential.

Personally, I have to believe that Tommie's time in Chicago may very well come to an end sooner that later. Harris' contract runs through the end of 2012 but it would not shock me if the Bears decided to release the DT before that time. Both Harris and the Bears may have already squandered any trade value he may have still had.

Me? I like Tommie Harris. I've had the opportunity to meet him a few times and found him to have an infectious and humorous personality. He once told me that I have too much time on my hands to spend it blogging about the Chicago Bears. Back in 2007, after a very hot and humid training camp practice, Harris stayed behind to meet with the kids and sign autographs for hours on end. He's really a great guy, who's been hit hard by injury. I wish only the best for Tommie moving forward.

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  • On DBB we call him Butter. Because he goes soft when it's hot out, but he stiffens up in the cold.

    Except this year. He's done.

  • Hey, easy now, he almost had a tackle today... almost...

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