Could The Ol' Gunslinger Have One More Drop of Magic Left?

The Vikings reported earlier today, that QB Brett Favre was upgraded from out, to questionable for tonight's game. In true Brett Favre-fashion, the media is, yet again, focused completely on him. With the chance of Favre starting again, what if he has just one more masterpiece of a performance on Monday Night Football?


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In the past, a much healthier Brett Favre, has dominated on MNF and had some of the


greatest games of his career on the big stage. Anything from the game against the Raiders following the death of his father, to the game winning touchdown in overtime against the Broncos, Favre has had some great performances. While the old man is battered and bruised, can anyone really flat out say that Favre isn't capable of playing great? No way. Something about Brett Favre and Monday Night Football should not be taken lightly.


The Bears caused Favre to commit four turnovers earlier in the year, when they won 27-13. That could be the case again, especially in this cold. Either way, the moral of the story is this: It's impossible to completely count Favre out. This could have the making of a perfect way to end his career after being dismantled this year. Just what if he goes nuts tonight and throw four touchdowns in terrible weather and make yet again, another Monday Night Football memory.

Also, isn't it quite funny that the NFL basically breaks its own rules to let Favre get moved to questionable the day of the game after being listed as out? Only Favre...

Bear Down Bears Fans.

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