Statistically Speaking, The Bears Must Beat the Vikings in Order to Make the Playoffs


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I'm a numbers guy, and I love statistics. Maybe that makes me a nerd, or maybe it makes me informed. I'll leave that up to you. But, one of my favorite stats to look up is, based on the Bears current record, what are the chances they will make the playoffs?

This week, the Bears railed the Buffalo Bills to move to five and three on the season, just a half-game back in the NFC North, behind the Green Bay Packers. One might think that being just a half-game out of first place is a pretty nice place to be. But, when checking my stats on Tuesday, I found something rather interesting:

It turns out, despite the Bears current standings, this week's match-up against the Minnesota Vikings could be an absolute must-win if the Bears intend to make the playoffs.

When starting the season five and three, the Bears have moved to six and three 66% of the time. Pretty good. But, when starting the season five and three, the Bears have NEVER made the playoffs when they do drop to five and four the other 34% of the time.

This would suggest that if the Bears lose to the Vikings, statistically speaking, they can all but kiss their playoff chances goodbye.

The Vegas line on this week's match-up has the three and five Vikings a four point favorite over the five and three Bears, with the Bears at home no less. I'll take that bet.

I do think the Bears will beat the Vikings on Sunday but if they don't, it could mean the end of the road for our beloved Bears.

Bear Down, Bears fans.

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