NFL Sunday Shootout: Jay Cutler vs. Michael Vick


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So, "Why the picture of Vick and not Cutler," you ask? Well, I guess because he's the hot topic of conversation right now and I knew if I had a picture of him in my article, you'd read it. So there, I was right.

Truth is, I'm not at all worried about Michael Vick. The Bears play Vick very well. Of three games played against him as starting quarterback, the Bears have won every time. Now, I'll give it to the guy, he's played some great football. But, he's entirely human and utterly beatable.

This is not some hidden secret that we all just found out Sunday night; Michael Vick doesn't throw well across his body. He's a left-handed quarterback who - when pressured to his right - will more often than not, run, instead of pass. Likewise, if you pressure him to his left, he'll more often than not look to his receivers for help.

Either way, the Bears need not concern themselves all week with how to stop Michael Vick, but rather, how to beat the Philadelphia Eagles. That was the Giants problem. Head coach Lovie Smith said this on Monday: "Michael Vick isn't going to change what we do with our defense." Kudos Lovie, that's the absolute right mindset to have. Between DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin, there's plenty for the Bears' secondary to work on this week. Jason Avant is a 3rd down machine, and LeSean McCoy is as explosive as they come. Michael Vick, simply doesn't deserve all that attention.

But, the Bears do one thing as good as any team in the National Football League, and that is, stopping the run. The Eagles have not won a single game this season in which they didn't rush for more than 106 yards. The Bears, are holding teams to an average of just 78 yards per game, and they're doing it consistently.

The Eagles secondary is highly susceptible to the deep ball, and with starting cornerback Ellis Hobbs out against the Bears, Jay Cutler and Mike Martz must take advantage of a vulnerable Eagles secondary. I think they will.

Much like the Bears' defense, the Eagles have been successful against the run this season, and they create turnovers. The Bears won't be able to run (so even don't try), and neither will the Eagles. Write this down Bears fans: This game will be an all-out shootout. So, who wins the dogfight (sorry, couldn't resist)?


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  • Do you do research before you write this stuff? Hobbs hasn't been the starting cb for the eagles for 4 weeks Demetri Patterson took over weeks ago and outside of Kenny Britts fluke performance the eagles are top five in ypc in the NFL

    What I'd worry about if I were a bears fan, would be how are you going to slow down our d we just made Eli manning look like a jv qb and cutler is cut from the same cloth

    31- 21 birds

  • Don't question my research there big boy. Yes, that's my typo on Hobbs. I remember Hobbs, the starter. Either way, him being gone takes away from the Eagles depth. Yes?

    What the heck does YPC have to do with my comments on their secondary??? Let's put it this way, the Eagles are giving up an average of 22.6 points per game, to the Bears 14.6, and WE have secondary issues... So, please do research on your own team.

    Or, maybe, do research on mine: As the Bears defense bests the Eagles in just about every stat. I think it's you who needs to be concerned about the Bears D, my friend.

    Hey, thanks for reading and keeping me on my toes!

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