Trestman's Bears: New Week, Same Story

Trestman's Bears: New Week, Same Story

Following today's game, Trestman's troops are an astounding 8-12 in their last 20 games while he's has manned the helm. This loss also has the Bears sitting at 3-4 with an 0-3 record at home in Soldier Field. Unfortunately, this team is showing the same mistakes, same undisciplined actions and inconsistencies within the realms of adjustment and coaching.

The popular sentiment amongst Bears fans seems to be that the coordinators (DeCamillis, Tucker) are the real problems with this Chicago Bears team. When the truth of the matter is, Marc Trestman. Mr. Offensive Guru, the "QB Whisperer" is probably the root of the problems.

Remember folks, Trestman picks his coordinators and assistants. He comes up with the gameplans, adjusts (or fails to in most cases) and is responsible for the team's failures and successes. Whether or not some may choose to acknowledge that because of how well this Bears offense improved and defense deteriorated to one of the worst, if not the worst in the league.

Year two is typically where teams will see the biggest jump of improvement in performance. In Trestman's case. It's been just the opposite. The offense gets too cute, makes zero adjustments. Abandons the run far too often, refuses to take consistent shots with the best receiver duo in the league and oh, let's not forget the whole time management thing where Tresty forgets timeouts don't carry over or he just misuses them in general.

It's high time that Trestman be the man held responsible. His team with the "High Flying" offense put up 14 points against a mediocre Dolphins team. The defense is not the problem. The problem resides with the offense and it's very inconsistent ability to put points on the board.

This offensive genius' scheme has not eclipsed the 30 point barrier once this season. How is that possible? When the guru has Marshall, Jeffery, Bennett, Forte and Cutler commanding the offense. Even when "Cutler is going to Cutler" from time to time. He mismanages his timeouts, either letting them go completely by the wayside (see, 55 secs on the clock before the half) or just completely uses them when they aren't needed or when it's just too late.

We now come to the discipline issue (though clock management fall under discipline in my book). This team outside of today, commits on average over 8 penalties a game. That's how they say in the old country, "Too damn many." It also crosses over to loose balls not being picked up (it's happened two times, in two seasons), the team consistently looking ill-prepared for opponents who's talent level is inferior to their own.

I personally have tried time and time again this season, after seeing the successes of last season's offense to give Trestman and his staff the benefit of the doubt. At some point, "if it smells like dog, scratches like a dog and looks like a dog; it probably....has fleas like a dog."

These are the same miscues, mistakes, abandonments, etc, happening over and over again. So I'd be insane by that logic to think this is going to change any time soon. I'm officially done believing Trestman is a head coach in this league, until further notice. Perhaps, we are seeing the reasoning as to why he was passed over time and time again for NFL head coaching jobs. These are no longer just coincidences, these are patterns and not good ones at that.

Trestman's seat should be starting to feel warmer, but it's probably not. Mainly because this is Phil Emery's guy. I hope turns it around, I just don't see it happening and we as Bears' fans could be lucky to see a 7-9 or 8-8 finish to the season with the Patriots and Packers waiting in the wings as the Bears next two opponents.

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