2014 Chicago Bears Positional Primer: Tight Ends, Martellus Bennett & Lack of Depth Behind the "Black Unicorn."

2014 Chicago Bears Positional Primer: Tight Ends, Martellus Bennett & Lack of Depth Behind the "Black Unicorn."

iWhen it comes to the position of tight end there's only one thing for certain. The weirdest and most fun man on the entire roster, also happens to be a foremost talent in the league at the position.

That man is, Martellus Bennett, aka "The Black Unicorn," "Black Einstein," etc, etc. The man of many self-monikers is also a very talented and large target. Standing 6'7" and upwards of 250 lbs. Martysauras-Rex had a career year in the 2013 season. He plucked 65 passes out of the air for 759 yards and five touchdowns.

However the rest of the tight end situation is how they say in the old country, "no damn good." The next most accomplished player on the roster is Dante Rosario who they acquired via trade prior to last season in exchange for a 7th round pick. He's not a bad player, just doesn't do anything worth mentioning. Capable blocker, big body and has some catches to his name.

Though Emery has assured fans of one thing. They are always looking to get better, no matter what the position. Evidence that the Bears aren't comfortable with the rest of the tight end position is they brought in Travis Beckum for a try-out. Though the former 3rd round pick wasn't signed, they are continually looking for upgrades. Partially because Fendi Onubon didn't develop like they had hoped he would and thusly was cut after mini camp and OTAs.

Other tight ends on the roster include five year veteran, Jeron Mastrud, Zach Miller (not the the good one), and Matthew Mulligan. All of whom have not many accrued many stats (68 total receptions combined). So needless to say the tight end battle for backup is very, very wide open.

Therefore, much like the top and middle of wide receiver corps, the tight ends are very top heavy and very questionable when it comes to depth.

My prediction for the depth chart at this juncture is as follows;

1. Martellus Bennett

2. Dante Rosario

3. Jeron Mastrud

**All subject to change given who may be cut post camps/preseason games.

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