On Shuffle - The Week In Rock: 2.15.13

On Shuffle - The Week In Rock: 2.15.13


The week in rock:  Random thoughts for the music fan on Valentine's Day plus my take on the best and worst moments of The Grammy Awards broadcast on CBS... And weekend on sale info for Garbage, Scott Weiland and Bob Seger... All of this plus much more...

Notable shows going on sale this weekend:

  • Scott Weiland (Tuesday, March 19 at House of Blues) - On sale Friday at 10AM (Weiland performs Stone Temple Pilots albums Core and Purple)
  • Garbage (Wednesday, April 3 at The Riv) - On sale Saturday at 10AM
  • Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band with Joe Walsh (Saturday, April 6 at United Center) - On sale Saturday at 10AM
  • Local H (Saturday, March 30 at The Montrose Room in Rosemont) - On sale Saturday at 10AM
  • JD McPherson (Friday, April 19 at Metro) - On sale Saturday at noon

Shameless self promotion...

  • Pardon the plug but I started co-hosting a new radio show and I'd love for you to check it out.  Every Saturday afternoon, "The Rock N' Roll Radio Program" airs live from 2-5PM central on AM 1420, WIMS (streaming at wimsradio.com and via the very cool, very free TuneIn Radio app).  For three hours, NBC 5's Mike Lorber and I pick a musical theme/topic, talk about it and play whatever we want.  No major conglomerates tell us what to do or who to play.  It's radio the way it's supposed to be done and you won't hear anything like it anywhere else.  So far we've had Chuck D of Public Enemy, Scott Lucas of Local H and Dave Pirner of Soul Asylum join the discussion with a live, in-studio performance from Grammy nominated bluesman Tom Holland.  Follow us on Twitter @RockRadioWIMS or email us at RockNRollRadioProgram@gmail.com.  Check it out, please.

Radio, Radio...

  • This week on the show, we pair songs for people who love Valentine's Day (Stevie Wonder's "I Believe When I Fall in Love it Will Be Forever" summed it up nicely for music geeks everywhere in the 2000 film High Fidelity) with songs for those like myself who hate it (Local H's chronicling of the division of a record collection upon a love lost in "The One With Kid" is particularly bitter).


Gimme, Gimme shock treatment...

By the time the Grammys broadcast on CBS was complete last Sunday, I felt like my head was about to explode.  For my full thoughts on the broadcast, follow me on Twitter @RadioJimRyan but here's a brief synopsis of what was going through my mind Sunday when CBS wasn't driving me mad.


  • Folk rock - Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers both shined on the music industry's biggest stage.
  • Levon Helm Tribute - As has become her trademark, Chicago's own Mavis Staples stole the show (with a little help from Alabama Shakes frontwoman Brittany Howard).
  • Jack White - I developed a new respect for his guitar playing last August after seeing him live at Lollapalooza and Sunday's Grammy performance acted as exhibit A for the rest of the country.  Featuring both of his stellar backing bands (all females = The Peacocks and all males = The Buzzards), White was absolutely on fire.
  • The Black Keys (with Dr. John and The Preservation Hall Jazz Band) - Might have been the best performance of the evening.  This rollicking affair is exactly the type of "big easy" flavored performance the NFL dropped the ball by not featuring the week before in New Orleans during the Super Bowl half time show.
  • Katy Perry's boobs (see above) - Come on, somebody had to violate the now infamous CBS memo!  Glad it was her...


  • Taylor Swift - The days of Taylor Swift as naive and enchanting are over and it feels like the backlash could be imminent.  Could she have come off any more self-absorbed during this performance?   And why was someone resembling Stephen Hawking riding a flaming tricycle across the stage during it?
  • Maroon 5 and Alicia Keys - Adam Levine is about as dry as a piece of toast (and as soulful).  And if I see one more person compare Alicia Keys to Sheila E. just because she decided to play the drums (a two piece set mind you), I may lose what's left of my post-Grammys mind.  Sheila E. is a great percussionist and a great drummer who has managed to upstage the likes of Prince.  Alicia Keys blended nicely in the background of a perfectly mediocre Maroon 5 performance.  There's no comparison.
  • Elton John - How could he sound so good during the Levon Helm tribute and so bad during his duet with Ed Sheeran?
  • Social Media - Watching an archaic institution like the RIAA try in vain to utilize social media during a television broadcast is the type of thing I find immense humor in.


  • John Mayer - I'm by no means the resident ChicagoNow fashionista but who told John Mayer it would be a good idea to dress like The Joker (or Edward Scissorhands... your call)?
  • The CBS broadcast of the 2013 Grammy Awards - Coming a week after poor coverage during the Super Bowl blackout, technical difficulties during the Grammy broadcast that made me feel epileptic were laughable.  And only CBS could ruin a great tribute to the Beastie Boys from Tom Morello, Chuck D, LL Cool J and DJ Z-Trip by running credits and cutting away early.  Unbelievable. 

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    -Jim Ryan 

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