Concert Preview: The Sometimes Family (EP Release Party) Sunday, 7/1/12 at Double Door

Concert Preview: The Sometimes Family (EP Release Party) Sunday, 7/1/12 at Double Door

Indie soul quintet, The Sometimes Family celebrates the release of their Fun With Heartbreak EP this Sunday night at Double Door...

In this day where technology is king, it's kind of nice on occasion to hear music that stands on its own:  no frills amdist a low key production style that's less of a slick top surface and more of an organic sound that not only stays with you but continues to sneak up on you in different ways with repeated listens.

That's what I like about The Sometimes Family's new EP Fun With Heartbreak.

Simple, low-fi guitar combines with organ to set the groove... but this music could exist a capella too.  It's all about the vocals.  And that's what sets it apart.  That's what makes it a throwback.

Rebecca Sometimes handles guitar and lead vocals.  Less Dusty Springfield, Rebecca's vocals to me actually end up more as a crazy cross between Kay Hanley and Dinah Washington depending on the song, and there's certainly no lack of blue eyed soul.  They combine with the backing vocals provided by The Family (you see, in The Family, everyone sings) on this EP wonderfully!  And it's The Family's backing vocals that truly offer up the biggest serving of soul.  They sound like a cross between doo wop and early Motown and they're ridiculously good.

This music works because while certainly influenced by old soul, it doesn't come off as merely derivative.  "Love" has drums and vocals up front and carries with it kind of a Soul Coughing vibe... but again, with those soulful vocals.

"It's a Wonder We Don't Die From Dancing" is infectious.  Lyrics like "I was workin' at the office / doin' my best to make a living.  / And I put on the internet radio and started swingin'" is the type of thought all of us can relate to.

On "If It's Love," organ combines with flute to slow things down, taking the band straight down into the blues.  A lot of ground is covered on this record:  soul, blues and pop are all done well.

I have a feeling that as good as this EP is, the band will truly cook in the live setting and at only $5, it's the type of Sunday night bargain sure to slow you down Monday morning.


The Sometimes Family - EP Release Party


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Live at Double Door

1572 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Doors open at 7:30PM

Show starts at 8PM



Also Performing: Lindsay Weinberg (CD release)

Wait, What?


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