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The Art of Advertising

Last week an advertisement by AT&T caused something of a stir in the art world by blatantly using imagery associated with artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude, the artists who created The Gates (seen below) in Central Park, New York City, in 2005. I saw the AT&T ad sometime over the weekend of May 22.  At the... Read more »

To the Victor go the Spoils

The city of New Orleans, the Saints, and the New Orleans Museum of Art are all winners after Sunday’s Super Bowl. As a result of a wager agreed on by the Indianapolis Museum of Art and the New Orleans Museum of Art, and as winning team of the Super Bowl, the New Orleans Museum of... Read more »

Super Bowl, Sports and Art

Last week the Chicago Art Blog picked up what I called an “Artful Wager,” an agreement between the New Orleans Museum of Art and the Indianapolis Museum of Art where the winning team/city/museum of the Super Bowl would receive a prominent painting from the other as a loan. The idea for the wager began on... Read more »

Artful Wagers on the Super Bowl

As New Orleans Saints get ready to take on the Indianapolis Colts February 7 in South Florida, another competition is already underway.  Arranged (and egged on) by Tyler Green of Modern Art Notes, the respective directors of the New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA) and the the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA) have been feeling... Read more »

Glenn Beck as Art Critic, Continued

Before the holiday season set in, we looked at the unlikely emergence of Glenn Beck as an art critic or art historian during a segment on his show on Fox.  He purported to expose fascist and communist symbols that were hiding “in plain sight” on public art installations, particularly on the property of business rival... Read more »