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Art Loop Open This Friday

This Friday, the Loop will host 191 works of art for the Art Loop Open and you can vote for the winner of the $25,000 grand prize.  Below are some of the works that will be on view. This competition is Chicago’s response to ArtPrize and annual competition in Grand Rapids, MI.  An important difference... Read more »

Art on Track This Weekend

This weekend on August 7th from 5 pm – 10 pm Art on Track will take over a CTA train as artists transform it into a work of art. As Art on Track enters its third year, you can expect artists to transform the train cars into unique art environments, ranging from installations to interactive... Read more »

Art and the Blagojevich Trial

Art and the Blagojevich Trial
While the trial of impeached former governor Rod Blagojevich continues today, last Thursday I joined Chicago artist Ray Noland (aka CRO) down at the Federal Courthouse.  Noland and the crew from the Chicago Urban Art Society (CUAS) passed out his Blagojevich-themed cupcakes to promote his upcoming show at the gallery. The cupcakes featured the famous... Read more »

Signs and Scenes of Spring

In Grant Park.
With temperature reaching into the upper 80’s this week, it’s safe to say that spring is here and summer is not far away.   I spent some time walking around and enjoying Chicago’s parks, especially downtown, and reflecting on art outside and the art of being outside, that is, our landscape designers and their parks. ... Read more »

Art Overload this Weekend

This weekend should be insanely busy for anyone even remotely interested in current art production.  Art Chicago opens, MFA shows, exhibition openings, and panels, panels, panels. Read on for ideas of what to do and see. The Art Chicago conglomerate of fairs returns to the Merchandise Mart this year.  The fairs include Art Chicago itself,... Read more »

The Artistic Spirit of Satire--Daumier Continued

We’ve been looking at the spirit of 19th century French artist Honoré Daumier this week and last week on the Chicago Art Blog.  Last week we looked at Daumier himself a bit, then we looked at Daumier’s legacy and a Chicago Reader cover.  This week we’ve been discussing the Chicago Aldermen and a recent exhibition... Read more »

The Artistic Spirit of Satire--Daumier Continued

Last week the Chicago Art Blog was looking at the artwork of Honore Daumier and what Chicago could learn from his legacy and how it could be carried on.  I pointed out a recent cover of the Chicago Reader as a heir to Daumier’s legacy of satire, as well as a bronze bust by Daumier... Read more »

Chicago Needs a Living Daumier, Cont'd

This week we have been discussing Honoré Daumier‘s art, which incorporated his satire of Parisian politics and society.  Given the state of Chicago and Illinois politics, I think this is the perfect time for Chicago’s artists to take up Daumier’s mantle and mock, to provoke recognition and change.  Even better, it seems that many artists... Read more »

Chicago Needs a Living Daumier

Honoré Daumier was a 19th century French artist who caricatured contemporary French society; its politicians, its bourgeoisie and its social behaviors.  In 21st century Chicago we need Daumier’s spirit to live again.  We certainly have enough to mock. Honoré Daumier. “Self Portrait.” Cast 1956. Daumier’s artistic output was dominated by his printmaking (he produced over... Read more »

Matisse, Interview with Angel Otero

Over the weekend, the Art Institute of Chicago debuted “Matisse: Radical Invention, 1913-1917,” and my interview with Angel Otero, who currently has an exhibition at the Cultural Center, also posted. Installation view of Angel Otero’s “Exquisito” (on right) in “Constellations” at the MCA. Image courtesy of Kavi Gupta Gallery, Chicago | Berlin. Erik Wenzel has... Read more »