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Art and the Revolutions in the Middle East

Displaying something upside down is also a symbol of disrespect.
As revolution sweeps across the Middle East, art and graffiti has played a big role in communicating attitudes and making change happen.   A major guiding artistic light seems to be Shepard Fairey and his patterned prints as well as his iconic “HOPE” poster, originally used to promote President Obama’s campaign as I’m sure we... Read more »

Banksy Found?

Image courtesy of Fake Shore Drive http://www.fakeshoredrive.com/
Banksy is a reclusive and secretive street artist who has made headlines around the globe for his innovative and eye-catching street art as well as his recent movie about it “Exit Through the Gift Shop,” which he debuted in Chicago. I was walking through the Loop yesterday and found this stencil piece, which looks very... Read more »