Fall Season First Impressions in West Loop

Over the weekend, the new art season began with a slew of openings all over town.

The images in the slide show are from opening night and show some of the work on view.  From ArtSlant:

always strikes me as ironic that the most popular day for art, the
beginning of the art season's opening night, is also the worst day for
actual art viewing.  Throngs of people pack galleries to see old
friends, network with new ones, get drunk, get laid, and maybe see some art in there as well
Opening night is usually about the energy of the crowd, first fuelled
by alcohol, then by art.  I live by the rule that the fall season
openings are mandatory for Chicago art writers, to get a feel for the
art crowd, the new art, and what shows to go back and see when the
crowds have gone and you actually have a chance of comfortably
contemplating some work.

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