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Planning Your Chicago Staycation; Exploring Chicago for the First (thousandth) Time

  Yay! Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner! It’s time to start planning your summer- are you going on a cruise? Are you going to travel across the country or bike through Europe? How about a trip to Hawaii, or Italy, or Austria? If you are, I’ll admit I’m jealous. I... Read more »

What to (???) in Chicago; A 1-2-3 guide to filling that blank in with Chicago's best

How do you find the perfect place to eat, explore, peruse, or try if every time you go to search those for things, you get bombarded by advertisements, tourist websites, and useless information? When I sit down at my computer in attempt to find that next exciting place to discover, I can’t just type “What... Read more »

About Chicago; How we know you are a tourist and how to pretend you're not.

One thing I know about Chicago; as soon as St. Pattie’s Day rolls around, Chicago floods with tourists. The majority of the camera-toting, skyscraper-staring, picture-taking crowd can be spotted from a mile (or two) away. Mostly they obediently stick to the tourism bubble Chicago has set up around it’s tourist-designated attractions- State Street, Magnificent Mile,... Read more »

Transportation to the Adventure

The CTA is Chicago’s way of transportation to wherever its heart desires. When I arrived to Chicago, I marveled at how unbelievably accessible it was! I loved the idea of hopping onto the train and being whisked away somewhere different. Granted, the CTA is not always a Chicagoan’s best friend. There are times it whisks,... Read more »