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Planning Your Chicago Staycation; Exploring Chicago for the First (thousandth) Time

  Yay! Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner! It’s time to start planning your summer- are you going on a cruise? Are you going to travel across the country or bike through Europe? How about a trip to Hawaii, or Italy, or Austria? If you are, I’ll admit I’m jealous. I... Read more »

About Chicago; How we know you are a tourist and how to pretend you're not.

One thing I know about Chicago; as soon as St. Pattie’s Day rolls around, Chicago floods with tourists. The majority of the camera-toting, skyscraper-staring, picture-taking crowd can be spotted from a mile (or two) away. Mostly they obediently stick to the tourism bubble Chicago has set up around it’s tourist-designated attractions- State Street, Magnificent Mile,... Read more »