I'm 21 years old and newly married (as of October, 2011) and love Chicago! All the parts of Chicago- from Gold Coast to Lower Wacker, Little India to Chinatown to La Villita to Wicker Park, Garfield Park to Lincoln Square.

When I was 12 years old, I promised myself I would never be bored, and I've never been. But lately, being unemployed and broke, that's been getting harder and harder. There are many times, sitting on my couch pounding away at the laptop yet another application, that I found myself on the brink of boredom. I was tired of sitting and wanted to get out, go out, DO SOMETHING. But what could I do?

My dad always told us kids, "The adventure doesn't start when you get where you're going; the adventure begins when you leave the house."

So I left the house.

I've always been the person who looks up at the skyscrapers, down into the ocean- the one who looks at a street of houses and points to each one, saying "I like that one." I see the character in the things people just walk past, and I go out of my way to places people seem to want to avoid. I stare into the concrete and marvel at all the different colors of rocks within it... and I take the train to the end of the tracks, just to see where it ends up. So I've decided to do more of that, and maybe if I write it down, more people will join me. Try out every stop of the "L" to see what world lives there. Take the train to the other side of the Loop just to sit on a bench and see who walks by. Exploration=Discovery: The jazz club that has no cover charge, the street performer that plays like Mozart, the restaurant that has $2 Tuesdays, or the street exhibit of art pieces that speak volumes into your soul.

I want to share all of these places with you! I want to go to EVERY stop of EVERY line and find EVERYthing there is to find off of EVERY SINGLE ONE of them- and I am going to blog about EVERYwhere, so that you- whoever you are- can follow in my footsteps and do the same.  :)

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