Transportation to the Adventure

The CTA is Chicago's way of transportation to wherever its heart desires. When I arrived to Chicago, I marveled at how unbelievably accessible it was! I loved the idea of hopping onto the train and being whisked away somewhere different.

Granted, the CTA is not always a Chicagoan's best friend. There are times it whisks, and there are sometimes it trudges... and there are times when it just stops. While I've never been an impatient person myself, I can understand some people's frustration. There's never a worse feeling when you're late for work, flying down those platform steps, reaching the bottom just in time to see the doors close and the train zoom away without you!

For the most part, I love the CTA. It connects my world to your world and every world in between. I get excited when I see that train throw itself into the station and screech to a halt. My days of free time, especially during the beautiful months of spring, summer and fall, are hardly spent indoors, at home.

The CTA is my transportation to adventure. I love exploring new places, trying new things, talking to new people, and tasting new foods. Here are some examples:

Transportation to... Free Music: Close Up 2 is a jazz club in the South Loop area, just a block away from the LaSalle station of the Blue Line, where smooth and contemporary jazz is played by a live jazz band- and as of now, there's no cover!

Transportation to... Free Food: Finn McCools has free wings every Friday between 4pm-7pm right off of the Clark/Division stop of the Red Line... yum!

Transportation to... Free Paradise: The Garfield Park Conservatory, steps away from the Conservatory/Central Park Dr station of the Green Line, is always beautiful and always free! It's warm, humid climate suited by its many desert and rainforest plant life makes it the perfect place to hide summer all of those brutal Chicago months of winter.

Transportation to... Free Art: The National Museum of Mexican Art is always free, located right off of the 18th Street stop of the Pink Line! The art off of this stop, both inside and around the museum, is absolutely beautiful.

Transportation to... Free Fun: The Lincoln Park Zoo, off of the Fullerton of the Red Line, is a great place to bring the family and walk around!

Wherever it is that the CTA takes you, remember that you can find new, fun things to do and see everywhere, all you have to do is look!


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