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Oversized sweaters, infinity scarves, and tall boots are all the craze this fall season.  As the snow is making it's grand entrance into the Windy City, at this very moment, the 'Boho Chic' look that celebs Kourtney Kardashian and Nicole Richie have embraced for years now has hit our city harder now than ever before.

Every CHICgirl wants that perfect cozy everyday look that seems to have been put together effortlessly...well, here it is.

When trying to achieve the 'boho chic' look, there are a few "MUST HAVES":

Oversized sweaters/Bohos:  Who knew something a little too big could be so close to perfect?  When roaming around the Windy City, a little extra fabric is always in order.  Oversized tops paired with fitted bottoms makd the perfect pair.

Tall Boots:  While I am still in search of the perfect pair of boots, I've been seeing tons of CHICgirls rocking them.  Boots made for walking and most of all tucking jeans inside; designed with the fashionista in mind.  They might not be ideal for the extreme snowy weather, but I guarantee you'll be fierce for the remainder of the fall season.

Vintage Jewelry:  "There is nothing new under the sun." A phrase we've all heard before, and it is so true when it comes to finding retro/vintage jewels by thrifting or hanging out in mom's old stuff.  Vintage studs don't have to only be worn to after-5 events and considering fashion nowadays, the old stuff is more in style than the new stuff.  So get on the hunt for some classic jewels to make your Autumn attire POP!

Scarfs:  The fancier the accessories, the simpler the outfit can be.  The magic of a nice fashion scarf is that it eliminates the need for a necklace! Infinity scarfs are even more "magical" because they can be worn multiple ways...a new way for every day of the week.

Crewneck Sweatshirts:  So Simple.  So Comfy.  So CHIC...I don't know what else to say about sweatshirts.  I used to loathe them as a little girl...but just like tons of things I used to despise as a kid, I LOVE CREWNECK SWEATSHIRTS.  Boutiques and department stores must have realized that we're loving them too, because they are in abundance and have the cutest pictures and sayings on them.

Are you rocking your Autumn Attire? Get on it and send in your best picture to be featured on CHIcFashion's next blog.


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