CHIcFashion:The Jeans That Saved My Life

Of course I'm being dramatic, but if ever my boyfriend has a pair of jeans that fit me like this, I'd never relinquish them!  In my mind, boyfriend jeans are the best jeans out...sorry to my dear skinnys!  But boyfriend jeans are cute, comfy, and edgy.  Roll em' up to get the best look, put on your heels OR the low top Converse sneakers, and you can hear the fashion gods sing!

Boyfriend jeans are baggy enough to make you feel like a super CHIc rebel yet snug enough to make you feel extra girly.  And the best part is, thanks to stores like Hollister, Abercrombie and Fitch, and The Gap, you don't even need a boyfriend to experience this blue jean heaven :)

So this week, email me pics of you in your own favorite jeans, whether they're boyfriend jeans or not,and you can be featured in an upcoming blog, or comment about stores you get your jeans from!


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