CHIcFashion: The Older,The Better

Rock wash, Acid Wash, Distressed, Bleached...

So, what we're doing is buying brand new clothes and making them look old, worn, and discolored and labeling it as 'vintage'.  Although some may call us crazy for participating in this old/new 'vintage' trend, it's quickly becoming more and more popular.

I decided to participate in this trend months ago for a school event...and instead of shopping for the perfect brand new old outfit, I chose to make it a DIY[Do It Yourself] project.  By simply using an object to randomly apply bleach to frayed jeans or torn shorts, I ended up having the perfect bottoms from things I already owned. And the frayed jeans came into existence simply from me cutting and creating fashionable frays with a hair brush! Goodbye expensive boutiques and HELLO "At home fashion remedies!"

I guess it's true 'what goes around comes around'. Everything that was once in style is coming back one step at a time. If you want to be ahead,[in fashion]think back to the ones that were in the fashion game years before us rookies!


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