CHIcFashion Gets Serious...

"When are you going to blog about a serious topic?"

Lately, I've heard this question one time too many, and instead of digging deeper into personal opinion, I'm going to simply state the facts. Fashion is more than shallow girls in the latest trends, rather a way of life and an industry within itself.  Within the last decade, the fashion industry has created over 50% more job and educational opportunities; Merchandising, Designers, Models, Image Consultants...the possibilities are endless.

Ironically, while most people feel they have no interest in fashion, in some aspect, EVERYONE CARES ABOUT FASHION.  It's an issue that affects us all, simply because public nudity is against the law and we all attempt to look our best at some point...or at least presentable.  Whether we're dressing to impress ourselves, peers, authority figures, or society as a whole, fashion comes into play everyday of our lives. Fashion doesn't only include the clothes we wear but accessories, hairstyles, grooming methods, and shoes.

We, as a people, spend time debating about global issues such as: religion, homosexuality, and employment, we fail to realize that we can use topics like fashion to unite us. The United States has multiple trading partners. We trade the things we're in abundance of for the things that are in  high demand to us, and  both Asia and South America contribute greatly to our love of fashion.  They create almost all of our unique wardrobes and beauty products. So with fashion contributing to our interesting economy, lifestyles, and happiness, why does the issue often arise as to whether fashion is a serious topic or not?

Just something to think about...

CHIcFashion...more than a blog; it's a way of life




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