CHIcFashion...Does Success Have a Look?

For most college students the year has just commenced or it's rapidly approaching.  College is the time where success becomes an everyday thought. No one plans to come in second place.  No matter what college you attend, we all ultimately have the same goal...SUCCESS (as defined by our own individual standards).

In a previous blog, I wrote about "Dressing to EXPRESS"versus dressing to impress like the famous cliche taught us.  If you're trying to express to the world, "Hey, look out...I'm on my way to success!" the best way to do that is to start by dressing the part.  Dress like you've already achieved this success.  I understand that as a college student (especially us on campus) wearing slacks and a blazer everyday sounds completely ABSURD, but it won't kill us to do it every now and then.  The professional look helps both our peers and professors (aka the ones that will write our recommendation letters later) take us seriously as a student and eventually a colleague.

Something so simple as taking  that extra 10 minutes to iron a button up shirt to throw on with a pair of jeans or even occasionally replacing jeans with a pair of khakis or slacks makes the difference. Men, tuck in your shirt.  Become best friends with a belt! It's time out for T-shirts 24/7; learn the benefits of wearing a tie or be fashionable and wear a bow-tie...they're no longer only for after 5 occasions.

We're in college now...everyone has a dream, but successful people are all about chasing the dream.  So let's look the part and begin the chase together right NOW!

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