CHIcGirls Love Pearls

From the First Lady to all of my CHIcLadies, we have noticed the PEARL TAKEOVER. The most classic, classy, and most valuable gem in the world, is being worn by all that have decided to join this pearl movement. First Lady Obama usually sports a single strand of pearls around her neck every time we've seen her, but in this photo she is extravagant and flaunts several radiant and precious strands.

Seems as if this timeless gem has made a tremendous comeback in this younger generation. Local model, Tara Moore, engaged in an entire photoshoot dedicated to the sheer love of girls in pearls with summertime fashion. Multiple strands around both the neck and wrist on the model depicts the idea that, 'you can never have too many'; same idea our First Lady gave in her candid shot as well. As we continue being as CHIc as possible, there's only one thing I have to say, "Girls in PEARLS rule the world!"

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