CHIcFashion...Dress to Express

You know how we get invitations that say "Dress to impress"?  Well, I'm inviting you to 'Dress to EXPRESS'! The only one worth impressing is yourself, so why not go all the way out!  What we wear should say who we are...not who the latest trends want us to be. It's time for yet another fashion epiphany and evolution. We've outgrown this phase of impressing others with our clothes, and we need to dress according to how we feel and what WE like.

Fashion can't tell you how you feel, and thanks to fashion experts like CoCo Chanel, dressing different is a trend and not a fashion faux pas..

Ugg Boots with every outfit, the color pink everyday, or shorts and a hoodie...none of it is wrong. So, switch it up and FREESTYLE it..don't be scared...the perfect self thought out ensemble can be the difference between a good day and an AWESOME day!


CHIcFashion...more than a blog; it's a way of life




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