The CHIc in the Hat

"Everyone should own at least one fedora."

The above quote was said to me by exclusive hat designer, Larry Davis, of the greater CHIcagoland area. He gave me and my friends this piece of advice about 2years ago.  Had I listened to the fashion expert years ago, I would've been ahead of the game instead of just purchasing my very first summertime fedora only months ago. Always CHIcago fly and sporting an original, self-made style, Larry Davis entered the fashion industry almost a decade ago, and since then has made a huge contribution to fashion throughout the country. HeadPeace Designs have graced the famous heads of both local and world renown celebs,such as, radio personality, Ramonski Love, actor/comedian/author, Steve Harvey, and Robbie Montgomery, the owner and star of OWN Network's hit show and restaurant, Sweetie Pie's.  Although seemingly local, earlier this year,HeadPeace Designs made its way to Fashion Week in New York, getting noticed by many to soon become a household name  while keeping it couture and most of all, unisex. [CHIcGents and CHIcGals]

Thanks to Larry Davis, founder of HeadPeace Designs, I did eventually discover the magic of the now popular summertime fedora especially. Summertime fedoras are cool on the head, lightweight, versatile, and CHIc! Then there are the huge straw "vaca hats" as I call them.  These hats will make a CHIcGal feel like she's relaxing on a tropical island right in the backyard! Paired with the perfect sunglasses, the vacation begins as soon as you get dressed. So for all of your hat needs HeadPeace is the way!

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  • This is true cus i keep me at 1 fedora in my closet pimp!!!

  • Lol it's a must have!...glad to see you found&read my blog...thanx for the support

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