CHIcFashion and the Ferocious Beasts

We're in an era that is willingly trapped in the jungle...and yes, we're still on the CHIcFashion scene! CHIcGirls, especially, have conveniently and fashionably brought the motherland to our urban homeland.  Zebra, Cheetah, name it, we wear it,and ultimately, our favorite designers have managed to capitalize off of these familiar yet exotic animal prints. From handbags, to couture wedding gowns, animal prints are no longer foreign to us.

In 2010, print/patterned  prom dresses(polka dot, plaid,etc) became the big thing, but it wasn't until this current year, 2012, that animal print became a number one hit in the "Prom World".

In the Summer 2011,elite fashion designer, Christian Dior, made the term "catwalk" a literal statement.  With models displaying more animal print than some could handle, the majority helped encourage a national trend causing Dior to become extreme, with reason, and create animal print wedding gowns.

Prints are fun, whimsical, and exotic, but is it ever too much? YES! Unless you're on a runway, an entire print ensemble isn't the best choice.  CHIcLadies are breezy...just like our weather!

Who knew wearing these beastly prints could be such a beauty!

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