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Stylists, as we know, work miracles. They seem to create something from nothing; something like a magician,and every magician has a bag full of tricks right..?

Hair,Makeup,Personal Shopping,Sketching,Designing [and the list goes on]…all of this in one place,better yet one person! Jene’ Stylez is an up and coming styling company that believes when it comes to fashion, there are NO LIMITS! Jene'Stylez has taken every aspect of fashion and threw it into this bottomless fashion bag with something for everyone. Searching for your own style or looking to enhance what you are already working with…? Jene’ takes the time to work with you on any level. It’s every CHIcGirl’s dream to get glammed up by a pro and have everything at their finger tips…well, my fellow CHIcBuds, Jene’ Stylez has come to the rescue with her incredible fashion bag full of classic, modern,exclusive, and peerless tricks to bring life and a little extra sparkle to the fashion side of you!

Jene' comes to the scene a mere 21 years old, but operates like a veteran in this industry. A fashion student at the Art Institute of Chicago, and under an intense apprenticeship at Hair Xctacee Hair Salon [Westchester,IL], Jene' has a keen sense of style and flare. From helping friends, to being hired to work as a stylist, Jene' has tons of experience and is ready to join the CHIcFashion team to help YOU!

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