Mixtape: Agacee - Coffee Shop Dreams Pt. 1

Mixtape: Agacee - Coffee Shop Dreams Pt. 1

Agacee put together this mixtape with 14 previously released and unreleased joints and called it "Coffee Shop Dreams Pt.1".

I'll let the emcee talk about the project and future plans a little more below:

Decided to call this Coffee Shop Dreams because, I have dreams of opening a coffee shop, and I write a lot of songs and lyrics at coffee shops. Its a place where I gather my thoughts, plan and set goals, and write songs, and scripts


Here's a brief synopsis of the tracks:

1. Intro 2 Life - its basically where I'm at in my life these days, with baby momma drama, dreams not yet to fruition, the violence in my city Chicago...all over production by Plan Beats

2. 1999 - I take the beat from Common and Sadat X's 1999 I was asked to do this for (DJ) Jay Illa's mixtape I loved this beat back in the day, and feel I did it justice!

3. Faith - prod. by Lockness its about what I stand for, Faith is what's needed, lyricism is key!

4. Law Of Attraction - prod. by Loren McGee you must speak things into existence I proclaim to be the best at what I do, so, I speak on that...nuff said

5. Manifesto - is me pouring out my heart and frustrations over Kanye's "Say You Will" from my grandma who has now passed, being sick, to me caught in between making commercially appealing music versus making more meaningful songs...

6. I'mma Be Alright - is prod. by Slot A and features my Ivy League compadre Nicholaus Kane, and Slot-A on the hook. Late night cruising music, for the average man and the hustlers. Get Busy - prod. by Krytically Dyverse is my son Caleb's favorite song, its my anthem, and anyone's anthem that's trying to make things happen in life.

8. I Can't Die - prod. by Chris Davis on my hip-hop ish...borrowing from Snoop Dogg on the hook "I Can't die my boo-boo's bought to have my babyyyyy"

9. Full Court Press - basketball is the metaphor for my grind as a budding rap artist over some dope production from Onaje Douglas.

10. The Truth - I don't quite know what instrumental it is, but its heavy on the lyrics and wordplay

11. Same Thing - is me cruising around my city, reflecting on the place I call home, the good and the bad.

12. The Pulse - I wrote this song on Father's Day 2010 it was a horrible day for me. I hadn't seen my son in months, and I was having other issues, and this is what came about. Prod. by Jansport J

13. Say Somethin' - borrowed the beat from Timbaland and Drake's joint.  I'm speaking to the people

14. EXP - a joint that was supposed to be the intro to an unreleased project "The High Off Life Experience" is now the outro to "Coffee Shop Dreams" in one word to describe it, DOPE

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