Video: Jabari - Is It You

A new heater by Jabari off his forthcoming project 'Underlay For Da Overlay'. Directed by ILLnative Vision.

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  • The dude eventually warmed up mid song and took it out hot! (and that's whats it really is all about- ending on a high.) I would have advised against a visual for the song because too many double negatives of production was captured here and it distracted from the song visually. I think rap artist could write better story lines for the videos their putting out because doing so haphazardly could take points off of the ENTIRE presentation. The desire to record everything because you have access to a camera or video recorder can be a downfall. If I could add feedback it would be the beat was amazing but one dimensional and I would have added some terminator style scratching to bridge the chorus hooks and bars together. A female singer would have made the song warmer even if she was wailing in the background, and lastly- the technique of speeding the VERSES up just a tad bit because it dragged a bit and the song was too long by default and the lyrical content didn't warrant the extension. Getting this dudes personality and character on a track would be welcoming challenge but worth it ; he has a big personality but he wasn't recorded as such...I think to have utilized a RnB vocal arrangement with many tracks separating bars would have made the song sounded expansive. I didn't hear many ad libs that would have been nice to incorporate more. I would bet money that if this dude recorded his vocals on Reel to Reel his voice would be so incredible. Digital can hide alot of passion and emotion FYI. My grade is B+, but if he remixed it and added a few dudes and some other elements I could see him as a force to be reckoned with as a final mix

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