Video: Mic Terror - Haterville Bounce

"Sucking my dick is life changing"

Ya'll gotta bounce to this Mic Terror track off his brand new series 'Mondays Are Terrible'. There are more than a couple of hilarious lines in "Haterville Bounce" so pay attention!

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  • Well, the beat was extremely under-utilized; I am from the east coast and would love to share Chicago Artist on my Facebook- but I be missing where the creative ego will take the stage. Unfortunately I didn't get anything except I thought the beat was bastardized and rappers wonder why they can't get clearance from publishing companies....If you pull stunts like this and just throw anything on a beat its depressing. with all the dudes nobody could of spit like Kendrick Lamarr, Abstract or even corny Drake? Chief Keef can't be ya'll only dopest talent... At least he got crazy hooks and ad libs that would have kept it interesting- I felt no personality ,character or anything off of this...quite depressing since that many dudes on one video should have sparked a revolution.damn!

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