Album: Milo & Otis - The Joy

Album: Milo & Otis - The Joy

Show love to Chicago, and it will warm your heart on the coldest nights

Thank god for twitter! The other day I was checking my timeline, when suddenly I spotted Nico Segal posting a link to a song he had done with Soul duo Milo &  Otis. I decided to check it out, liked it and found myself replaying the whole album over and over again for the next couple of hours.

'The Joy' is the perfect soundtrack for the Summer and I can't wait to play this incredible masterpiece when I get back in the Chi. Sonically it inspires to feel good and brightens your day immediately, while Jamila Woods captivates the listener with her beautiful voice and potent lyrics.

Milo & Otis are also accompanied by Chance The Rapper & Enrico X as guest-features, which gives the project some diversity and makes the listener enter a smooth path to relaxation.

This is in my top 3 projects of 2012 so far and it definitively deserves more than the seven dollars it costs to download.

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