Album: The O'My's x Blended Babies - Chicago Style

Album: The O'My's x Blended Babies - Chicago Style

The beautiful thing about The O'My's latest project Chicago Style is that it's perfect for any occasion. It can make you smile even though is that type of day when you feel blue and the Sun just won't show up, or it can be the soundtrack to that incredible weekend you and your homies have while you chill in the city. To be honest it hasn't exactly been a good week for me, so I truly appreciate the work they put in trying to make this enjoyable no matter what.

The 'tape takes you into a smooth journey through different topics and issues that surround the lives of young people such as the members of the band, Chance The Rapper, Nico Segal and fans like me. The project is short but sweet with a harmonious mixture of Blues, Soul & Hip-Hop plus production assistance by Blended Babies.

Reggie's hosted the release party this Friday, Chance, Kids These Days and more were in attendance and even performed The Wonder Years, which was captured in video and uploaded on Youtube, which you can check it out below the download link.


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