Motherhood is a crummy job

Motherhood is a crummy job


The crummiest job I've ever had.

I know what you are thinking, Judgey McJudgerson.

Settle down kids.

What I mean is, the crumbiest. As in crumbs.


Food everywhere.

It starts with baby cookies. Slimy, wet, mashed up cookies.

In every crack and crevice of your baby. All over the height chair. In her hair. In your hair.

Then the toddler stage. Crackers. Goldfish. Stomped into your carpet. Spilled on the bottom of the diaper bag. Under the couch cushions. Stuck to ever inch of the car seat. Food stuck to booster chairs and your kitchen table. Your kitchen floor.

Your poor kitchen floor.

As they get older they get more neglectful. Finding crumbs of God knows what in their beds. In their backpacks. In the pockets of their jeans. After you've washed them.

All over your car. Yep, even teens are messy. Borrow them the car, expect French Fries left behind somewhere.

See, the crumbiest job.

It's a dirty job. But we are doing it.

And loving it.

Most days.

Some days it can be crummy. Sick babies, upset tummies, bad days at school, bad dreams, arguments with friends, break ups, heartache, life.

Motherhood is a crummy job.

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