When will the mommy wars end?

When will the mommy wars end?

The war of the mommies. The Mommy Wars. The constant belittling and judging of parenting skills.

Non-moms and moms alike passing judgement on fellow women.

Staring. Scouring. Whispering.

Both the non-mom and the seasoned mom staring at you with laser beams shooting out of their eyes while your toddler is throwing an epic tantrum.

The non-mom, I get. I was a non-mom. And until you've taken a ride on the crazy train called parenting, you have nooooo idea why in the world a parent would "allow" a child to act like that. Or for that matter, what evil demon has possessed a child to act like that.

But a mom? Like you haven't been there lady. You should get that shit no questions asked. How about a "Hey, it's okay, I understand" look instead.

The non-mom who judges a photo of your cleaning skills rather than the adorable child dressed as a fireman featured in the photo. I get it. You couldn't possibly imagine dirty laundry on the floor. I mean, after all, it's just you and maybe your cat you need to clean up after.

But a mom? Like you've never launched a pile of dirty laundry down the basement stairs and left it there. Until. You. Got. To. It.

Don't fucking play that.

I could go on and on. Seriously, it needs to stop.

Look, it shouldn't matter that a child was breastfed or formula fed. The kid was fed. Period.

It doesn't matter if you are a stay at home mom or you work full time. We all wipe the same amount of asses eventually.

And clean messes. And wipe away tears.

My parenting skills are no better than yours and vice versa. We do what works.

For us. Our child. Our family.

Can we try just stopping this nonsense? Can we please put an end to the Mommy Wars?

And to the non-mom can we please just cut the crap? Stop your judgmental shit. Don't like it? Look the other way. Stop rolling your eyes.

You keep doing that and they are bound to get stuck like that.

Because my mommy says so.

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