Let's take an infant to a concert and other selfish parenting moves

Let's take an infant to a concert and other selfish parenting moves

First off, none of us are perfect parents.




Nope, not you.

Not me.

Really, you're not. Stop acting.

But, we are all taught a level of common sense. We are born with a brain. They are made to think, to process. So, when it comes to our kids, why aren't we using our most valuable organ to do right by them?

Honestly, if I hear of one more news story about an asinine parent purposely leaving their kid in a hot car to shop, get a pedicure, or stop for a burger, I'm going to freakin' scream.

And what about this mom? Who the hell thinks to take an infant to a concert?

And. Sit. In. The. Pit.?

A standing room only section just feet from the stage and S-P-E-A-K-E-R-S.

I don't care if it was Brad Paisley. For all I care it could have been Barry Manilow. The point is, it is waaaaay to frickin' loud. Children have hearing that is far more sensitive than adults. Especially babies. Small children don't belong at concerts.

The security guards had every right to ask her to relocate to another area. It was unsafe. Between stage mishaps and drunk patrons, and of course the noise, they were completely in the right. The venue, the city, and the artist all could have been accountable for the hearing loss or worse of this child.

So she was breastfeeding in public. Big wow! I don't doubt it made people uncomfortable and I'm certain people were talking, but the real story here is the child's safety.

I know, believe me, I know. Having children puts a damper on your social life. But, you know this going into it ahead of time. When you become a parent your social outings become few and far between. Unless of course, like this parent, and many others, you take your kids everywhere you go.

Little kids need bedtimes. They need structure. They are not tiny adults.

In my opinion, small children don't belong at concerts and music fests. They don't belong at Rated R movies. They don't belong at celebrations that last past midnight. They don't belong in cars alone while you shop. They do not belong in bars while you party the night away.

They belong at home.

When are parents going to stop dragging their kids everywhere they go?

In my house, if there isn't a sitter available to us, we stay home (a lot). If it's something one of us really wants to do, we do it alone while the other parent stays home. If we go to a party where we know it's going to be a late night, we take two cars.

Yeah, it sucks. My partner and I don't spend much of any quality time together. Our sitters are extremely limited but we do what we have to do. It is what it is for now.

Can we all just stop and be grateful for the tiny little people we created instead of being selfish?

Our kids are our everything but they don't belong in everything we do.

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