Making Daycare Drop Off Easier-The Next Olympic Sport

Making Daycare Drop Off Easier-The Next Olympic Sport

I'm tired. I'm stressed. I'm wound up like a top.

And it's only 7:00am.

In 20 minutes hell begins.

Daycare Drop Off.

It's day 7 at my son's new school. What we thought was going to be this great experience for him has backfired like a bad played joke.

Well, at least the drop off part.

Two weeks ago I had a happy kid. A child who loved daycare. He cried when I made him leave. Since the big move to the Early Learning Center, he cries when I pull in the driveway and sees the building.

Is there a fix all for making daycare drop off easier? Is there a trick to making daycare drop off easier?

If so, could someone please share that shit?

I swear it has become the next Olympic Sport.

Boxing: The moment you try to hand over your screaming child to his loving teacher's arms and a subtle hit occurs below the belt. Nothing like apologizing on behalf of your a-hole kid who just punched a teacher.

Gymnastics: Tumbling, splits, balancing acts, summersaults, cartwheels...positions one must conquer while carrying a screaming toddler through the school hallways, who is slithering down your body like a snake to avoid going into his classroom.

Judo: Kicking and screaming. My favorite.

Weightlifting: 35 pounds of pure strength pushing and pulling on every upper body muscle known to man just to get him to sit in a chair and stay sitting so I can leave the room.

Wrestling: Buckling a child into a safety seat who is already clawing his way out before you even leave the house, unbuckling him at daycare as he is slithering onto the floor of the car, onto the concrete, screaming his fucking head off, carrying him under one arm like a wrestling choke hold, or a football, whichever way you want to look at it, just to get him to the front door of the building.

Swimming: What I must do to keep my head above water and avoid drowning in my own tears every morning.

On a lighter note, he does calm down. We're down from 90 minutes to 10 minutes. WHEW!

Since starting his school a week ago, his vocabulary has increased, he is actually letting us read a book to him page by page instead of quickly losing interest, he loves to paint, and loves music class. The decision to move him was the right one.

Now, we just have to get him to stay there.

Did your child have trouble adjusting to daycare?

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